Weekly reviews app

Vica helps you complete your weekly reviews.

It connects to the tools you use on a daily basis and presents you the summary of each day.

This way you can focus on the review process rather than trying to remember what you did that week.

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Designed with simplicity in mind, no distracting elements so you can focus on the process.

Your tools

Works with your tools - Calendars and Todo applications. Connect multiple data sources.

Weekly Reminder

Get notified each week to complete your review so you can build the habit.

Mobile friendly

Works great on desktop and as a mobile website so you can do the review even without laptop.



We have big plans for Vica app. The review app is only one part of many tools we want to build around personal productivity.

Currently, there are no plans to charge for the review app as we plan to add gradual pricing. For example, the review app will be free, but other applications with more functionality will be paid.


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